UAE announced an increase in the price of petrol effective May 2023

The United Arab Emirates determines the price of petrol for the month of May - price of petrol uae

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While the prices of Super 95, Super 98, and E-Plus will all go up, diesel prices will go down.

In the United Arab Emirates, the price of filling up a tank of petrol has reached its highest point so far in 2018, but the price of diesel has never been lower than it is now in 2023.

On Emarat's official Twitter account was the announcement made regarding the price adjustments.

As a result of the effects of the fluctuating global energy market on local pump costs, the prices have been going up and down this year.

When compared to the prices that were in effect in November and December 2022, the ones that were in effect in January and February of this year were lower. March saw another increase in price, which was followed by a decline in April.

The following are the new prices that will go into effect on May 1 for filling up automobiles in the UAE:

  • In April, the price per litre of Special 95 increased to AED3.05 from AED2.90.
  • The price of a litre of Super 98 has increased to AED3.16 from AED3.01 in April
  • The price of a litre of E-Plus has increased to AED2.97, up from AED2.82 in April.
  • 2.91 AED per litre for diesel, down from 3.03 AED in April
Prices in AED per litre E-Plus 91 Special 95 Super 98 Diesel
May 2023 2.97 3.05 3.16 2.91
April 2023 2.82 2.90 3.01 3.03
March 2023 2.90 2.97 3.09 3.14
February 2023 2.86 2.93 3.05 3.38
January 2023 2.95 2.67 2.78 3.29
December 2022 3.11 3.18 3.30 3.74
November 2022 3.13 3.20 3.32 4.01
October 2022 2.85 2.92 3.03 3.76

The cost of petrol in the UAE

As a result of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus in 2020, the Fuel Price Committee decided to freeze prices. In order to bring the price of oil in line with rising costs around the world, the limits were eventually lifted in March of 2021.

In addition, increases in the price of crude oil around the world have a secondary effect of pushing up the cost of petrol.

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