UAE: Conditions for a citizen or foreigner to be entitled to unemployment compensation

The terms and conditions document for the “unemployment insurance” system for workers and employees of the federal and private government sectors, which entered into force at the beginning of this year, specified 10 main conditions or criteria for the insured’s entitlement to unemployment compensation.

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The first is that the subscription period should not be less than 12 consecutive months in the unemployment insurance system (provided that there is no interruption in the subscription for more than three consecutive months), and the second is that the insured is committed to paying all insurance premiums according to the periodicity specified by it, as well as proof of the insured His absence from work for a reason other than his resignation, in addition to the fact that the insured has not been dismissed from his work for disciplinary reasons by the provisions of the legislation in force regulating work relations for the worker in the private sector and human resources for employees in the federal government, and that the claim is submitted within 30 days from the date of termination of the working relationship or Adjudicating the labor complaint referred to the judiciary.

The insurance policy indicated that the sixth condition for entitlement to insurance against unemployment is that the injured worker does not have an existing complaint about his absence from work, and the seventh, is that the compensation claim is not by fraud or fraud, or if it turns out that the establishment in which he works is fictitious. And eighth, that the loss of work should not be the result of non-peaceful strikes or work stoppages, whether or not harm resulted from them, and that the insured should be present in the country legally, and finally, that the loss of work should not be based on the state’s declaration of an emergency.

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