Urgent UAE: the steps of electronic participation in the unemployment insurance system

The unemployment insurance system, which aims to secure temporary income for the insured for three months when they are unemployed at a low cost until alternative job opportunities are available to support the career path and living stability of workers in the labour market without bearing any costs on the part of employers, was confirmed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

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The government reissued its appeal to hasten the adoption of the system, which went live on January 1 of last year.

The importance of the insurance complex website (www.iloe.ae):

Out of several channels available for subscription, including the Iloe insurance complex's smart app, Kiosk self-service devices, business service centers, exchange centers, smart phone applications for banks and banks in the country, as well as text messages and telecom company bills, the website of the insurance complex (www.iloe.ae) is the preferred channel for the majority of the insured who have subscribed to the system so far.

Unemployment insurance system
Unemployment insurance system

Visit the website (www.iloe.ae), click "sign up here" to access the registration page, specify the sector for which the user works by entering personal identification information, phone number, and verification code sent via phone text message, choose how to subscribe to the system (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually), and finally enter the e-middle name and password.

The system of unemployment insurance for employees in the federal government sector and the private sector:

Employees in the federal government sector and the private sector are covered by the unemployment insurance system in two categories. The first category includes those whose basic salary is 16 000 dirhams or less; the insured employee's contribution within this category is 5 dirhams per month (60 dirhams per year), with a maximum monthly compensation value of 10,000 dirhams.

Those who earn a basic salary of more than 16 000 dirhams fall into the second category. The subscription fee for this group is 10 dirhams per month (or 120 dirhams annually), and the maximum monthly wage is 20 000 dirhams.

The insured's right to claim the amount of compensation must be waived in the event of leaving the state or beginning employment with a new employer. The compensation must be paid within two weeks of the date of the claim and is only due if the insured participates in the insurance program for at least 12 consecutive months.

If the insured does not quit or is not terminated for disciplinary reasons, the insurance program pays him compensation in the form of money for a maximum of three months.

The qualifying employee's compensation is computed at 60% of his base pay from the six months before his unemployment.

Unemployment insurance system 1
Unemployment insurance system 1

Who are exempt from participating in the unemployment insurance system:

The investor (the owner of the business where he works), auxiliary labor, a worker on a temporary contract, a minor under the age of 18, and a pensioner who receives a pension but has started a new job are all excluded from the unemployment insurance program.

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