Announcing the method of protection from the new Snapchat update that automatically publishes pictures

The method of protection from the new Snapchat update, which publishes photos automatically, has been announced, as many considered it a violation of privacy, as it publishes photos of memories without the permission of the account holder, which may cause the photos to leak.

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A complaint spreads stating that the Snapchat update of a young man automatically publishes pictures

They emphasised that it allows photos of memories to be published among friends every year automatically, and they confirmed that the update threatens the privacy of users and may cause photos to be leaked. Users of the "Snapchat" application called for the closure of the "remember" option within the "Snapchat" application updates through videos that were posted on social media. The videos called for the closure of the "remember" option.

How to protect against automatic posting of photos in the latest Snapchat update

Two information technology specialists have issued a call to action to users of social networking sites, urging them to protect their privacy when sharing images and refrain from showing them to persons who cannot be trusted. Application updates are completely voluntary and are subject to the user's approval or rejection.

Snapchat privacy protection options with Flash ack to repost photos

An expert in cybersecurity named Abdelnour Sami stated that with regard to the ability to remember (Flash ack), this function is present in "Facebook," "Instagram," and some phone systems such as "iPhone," and it was also available in "Snapchat" a few years ago. Additionally, Abdelnour Sami stated that "iPhone" is one of the phone systems that supports it. Years, as the memories are presented after a year has passed, specifically the saved photographs or videos, and not the images for which it has been stated who is permitted to view them, such as the feature known as "my yes only," which is only visible to the user of the phone, or the phone's "camera roll" when it appears. These memories, after a year, the person decides, either to save them in his device exclusively, or to display them to others, or to see them just without sharing or saving in the device, indicating that these photographs are only shared with friends when the user chooses to do so rather than being automatically shared with them all.

Snapchat update

Privacy protection options in Snapchat with the Memories option feature

As for the Memories option, Abdel Nour explains that it is a feature that was launched between 2016 and 2017, and through it, photos and clips that are filmed in "Snapchat" can be saved by clicking on the "download" arrow, and the individual can choose to save them on the phone only, or on The phone and memories on "Snapchat," or on memories only, calling on users to save them on the phone only.

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