Apple is preparing to launch a foldable phone “iPhone Flip” .. Continue with pictures

iPhone Flip.. Recent leaks indicated that Apple is preparing to launch a new foldable phone, the iPhone Flip, which is scheduled to be launched starting next year 2023, according to a CNET website, which confirmed the company's keenness to register patents for folding phone mechanisms.

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Flip foldable iPhone

And the CNET website, which specializes in technologies, quoted the statement of a specialist in selling products and tracking new news for Apple, "Ming-Chi Kuo," as saying that "the American company needs to discover technical problems associated with foldable phones, in addition to discussing issues related to its large-scale production, And the markets it is targeting, and among the patents registered by “Apple” are flip-and-origami-style screens.

iPhone Flip 1

Specifications of the foldable iPhone "iPhone Flip"

Analysts indicated that the upcoming phone from Apple comes with a screen ranging between 7.5 and 8 inches, and the cheer is scheduled to include hidden hinges of the structure of the device, and the phone will be presented in several colors, which are purple, blue and pink, with the possibility of adding new colors such as green, red and gold.

iPhone Flip 2

Technical analysts indicated that the American company will seek to avoid the mistakes and loopholes that other competing foldable phone manufacturers have fallen into, including that Apple is negotiating with a company specialized in providing phone manufacturers with glass on a flexible type that can bend without any distortions or wrinkling.

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iPhone Flip 3

With regard to the expected price of the upcoming iPhone Flip, analysts believe that it will be competitive with other brands, but it will not be low, as Apple will try to attract consumers by playing on the specifications and features that have not yet been revealed.

iPhone Flip 4

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