Eye of the Sahara..Sultan al-Neyadi reveals unique photos from space

The Emirati astronaut Sultan al-Niyadi has captured an exciting set of photos from the space of a unique geological landmark appearing in the Mauritanian desert.

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The Eye of the Sahara

Sultan al-Neyadi posted a collection of photos of "The Eye of the Sahara" on his Twitter account, a geological landmark in the Sahara Desert in Northern Mauritania.

 Eye of the Sahara
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The Emirati astronaut explained that this landmark is also known as "the heart of feathers," writing on his caption on the photos: "This photo was taken of The Eye of the Sahara or the heart of feathers in Mauritania."

"Neyadi" explained a part of this landmark, saying, "it is a geological landmark that witnesses the wonders of nature and the secrets of our planet," concluding his tweet: "How beautiful is our nature in the Arab world and how wonderful and diverse it is".

 photos from space
Eye of the Sahara

This geological landmark is located on the Adrar plateau in the Sahara Desert in Mauritania, specifically near the archaeological city of Wadan, with a diameter of 35 kilometers, and it was discovered by French researcher Theodore Monot in the 1930s.

This unique geological landmark sparked controversy in the scientific and geological community, with some scientists arguing it was "a hole caused by a meteor that struck this area," while others say it is evidence of an "ancient inactive volcano."

Last Friday, he also became the first Arabic astronaut walks in the space, when he took part in a historic mission outside the International Space Station.

Describing his pioneering spacewalk mission as "full of difficult challenges," Sultan al-Neyadi wrote on his Twitter account: "I learned a lot from this experience, and I touched through it your great support."

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