Have you seen the most recent Careem update?

Careem is one of the apps that we use on a regular basis, You probably open the app numerous times every day, whether to order takeout, order groceries, schedule a cleaner, or hail a cab. But have you seen its most recent update?

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Users with keen eyes may have noticed that the RTA Hala taxi image has undergone some changes, going from a yellow car with a red roof to a white car with blue doors and a roof.

hala max
Update to the Careem app: Hala cab icons appear significantly differently

Update to the Careem app
Update to the Careem app: All the icons now have a more modern appearance.

In addition to the Comfort, Executive, and Premier cars being sleeker with a green line near the undercarriage of the cartoon depictions of the vehicles, Hala Max, which is what to get when you have up to six passengers, also has a new image.

When you click through to order a ride, you can see the new icons, however on the Careem app's main page, the old images are still visible.

In 2019, Careem implemented a feature that made it possible to book RTA cabs straight through the app.

Customers can use their debit or credit card to automatically pay the fare at the meter.

If you've never booked a taxi through the Careem app, all you have to do is open the app and choose Hala cab from the list of available cars (if you can't find it, look immediately above the confirm pick-up button).

Careem app update
Careem app update: The homepage still shows the original icons

When the driver selects "end trip" at the end of the trip, the fare will be automatically taken from your selected debit or credit card.

Have you seen the new icons?

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