Run WhatsApp on 4 phones at the same time.. Learn how to activate it

WhatsApp, the famous messaging application, announced one of the most famous and wonderful features, which is included in the latest update of WhatsApp for both Android and iOS, by announcing the ability to link one WhatsApp account on multiple devices, WhatsApp allows users to link one WhatsApp account to multiple phones and use them at the same time, and allowed WhatsApp only linked the mobile phone to desktops and laptops, but with the latest update all this is about to change.

You may quickly set up a secondary phone to use with your WhatsApp account after a new installation of the application, and on the first opening, you need to click on the “link to existing account” option instead of providing your phone number.

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The advantage of running WhatsApp on 4 phones at the same time

WhatsApp features

This will generate a QR code to be scanned by the primary phone using the "Link Device" option in Settings, as the new functionality is now accessible for both iOS and Android devices, and the feature will allow users to utilise the same WhatsApp account on up to four phones.

It is worth mentioning that the primary device does not need to be switched on to receive messages across all other phones, however, in the case of Android tablets or desktops, if the primary device is idle for more than 14 days, WhatsApp will log out of your account. from these devices.

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