United Arab Emirates announces first firefighting robot

Businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have unveiled the Middle East's first firefighting robot.

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UAE business launches Middle East's first robot fireman.

The first Middle Eastern firefighting robot was revealed by Emirati startup FFBOTS at the Jebel Ali Industrial Area.

The robot, named Wabel (rain), is technically and operationally advanced.

first firefighting robot in uae

UAE robot fireman Wabel can improve firefighter safety and support them throughout operations.

Manufacturers believe it is especially beneficial in vital hard-to-reach regions or risky physically-demanding jobs that may threaten firefighter safety.

FFBOTS CEO Mohammed Islam, a robotics expert, said: “Since its inception, the company has sought to locally manufacture, design, and assemble robotics technologies, with a focus on attracting local and international competencies and expertise, inspired by its vision and the passion of the founding-team.

The UAE government supports the company's investors' AI-based innovation goals.

UAE-Saudi investment started it. Following our smart UAE government's directions to maximise artificial intelligence to improve quality of life and save lives and property through quick fire-fighting reaction, we plan to go worldwide.

“This is especially true in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, where giant projects and factories, free zones, warehouses, tall residential towers and other sensitive areas are spread,” he said.

United Arab Emirates announces first firefighting robot

Mohammed Islam said the robot enhances civil defense's efforts to fight fires and save lives and property, especially in high-risk situations like near oil and gas reservoirs and highly flammable materials that cannot be approached.

“We were keen to ensure spare parts are locally available and maintenance services are delivered by our professional specialists, so as to meet the needs of the local market at a record speed and to the highest international standards,” he added.

Fires destroy private property, kill people, and cost national and global economies hundreds of billions of dollars.

Wabel can be placed in risky and vital regions before fires to safeguard persons and property.

Its high flow rate of 8,000 LPM, range of 100m, and height of 50m allow controllers, especially in vital areas, to remotely operate it and start firefighting operations before civil defence workers arrive.

The robot aids civil defence firefighters in dangerous situations like ammunition depot explosions, toxic chemical fires, nuclear reactors, high-temperature oil field fires, collapsed buildings and insurance claim settlements.

A 1km-range control station controls the robot wirelessly.

Its 4-hose-inlets and GPS generate routing and maps for robot location and navigation, helping controllers maximise its technological potential.

The robot utilises 8,000 LPM foam and water. Its six smart cameras in four directions make it the firefighter's eye from the incident, allowing remote operation decisions.

The robot has front-end water sprinklers to chill the surface in front of it and vertical sprinklers to form a water umbrella over it.

Due to its tonne weight, Wabel is properly made to climb stairs up to 30 degrees.

Strong front bumpers let it to smash with obstructions, allowing it to quickly reach fire sites.

The robot has a rear camera for mobility and an extinguisher target camera.

It features 15 temperature-sensing locations, including motors, batteries, electrical components, robot body, and exterior temperature, and an inbound audio channel for the controller to hear sounds surrounding the robot.

The robot's bright headlights assist control officers see in heavy smoke, while its audio siren alerts people in hazy or low-visibility locations and warns homeowners of a fire.

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