Update your banking data now through smart application from 8th May 2023

Some UAE Banks informed their customers yesterday , that their data will be updated only through the smart application starting from next month. Those Banks clarified that updating essential customers’ data or documents, such as: Emirates national ID, Accommodation documents, Passport, Telephone Number and E-mail address will be only available through smart application.

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Banks Customer's Data update

“Awatef El Harmodi” the Banking expert commented that "This initiative comes with digitalization of Banking department in the country, that goes on rapidly, that’s why banks keen on providing faster and safer ways for customers to update their data directly by themselves without any intervention from the bank employees"

Bank Exceptions

Harmodi stated that “Nevertheless, banks grant exceptions for the elderly , who has obstacles in dealing with the application , so their transactions are being accepted manually consideration for them.

UAE banks

She referred that “ The banks invested millions of Dirhams through the past 10 years , to evolve and secure its technology structure , until it occupied the highest level of the ease, speed and the security , whereas the paper transactions are going to fade away gradually in the banks branches , beside that there is an assistance and awareness to the customer to make him/her use the smart application services easily.

Bank Digital Services

Harmodi mentioned that “More than 90% of the customers are using now the digital services for the banks, and this is a successful evidence of what the banks did towards their customers, until the banking department in the country becomes the first in digitalization at the whole Middle East area.

She also mentioned that “ Emirates country is the first financial center at the area , so that it’s normal for all banks to cope with technological evolution which is applied by other departments , since the banking department is the most dynamic department in the economy , and it’s considered to be the biggest supporter for Emirates development and evolution.

"Know your Customer"

The banks are obligated by systems and regulations which are defined by the central bank, to save the identity renewal documents and the customers’ data to be always valid, within “Know your Customer” initiative, so that this procedure help the banks to recognize customers’ needs and banking requirements , to be able to offer them better service and to manage the risks wisely , beside making sure of not using the services provided by the banks in a bad way.

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