Urgent..Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed reveals launching of second moon mission

UAE Vice President and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid announced on Wednesday, that the the UAE will make a second attempt to land a rover on moon.

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Sheikh Mohammed statements on Rovers

Sheikh Mohammed declared that Rashid Rover 2 will be developed and launched.This announcement was revealed after communications with the spacecraft carrying the Rashid Rover were lost on Wednesday morning, As the space engineers could only predict that the spacecraft made a hard landing on the lunar surface.

His highness visited the "Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC)", where he met the team leading the country's space mission and participated in the development plan for the new Rashid rover, He did not mention a date for the second attempt.

space mission
Rashid rover

He also shared a tweet on Twitter highlighting the UAE's ambition to launch a second attempt to reach the moon.

Beside this, Sheikh Mohammed was also accompanied by the Crown Prince of Dubai, "Sheikh Hamdan" during the center visit, since Hamdan assured on the importance of taking risks to make a second attempt by the UAE mission to the moon.

Mars exploration Rovers

The two Rovers were named after Sheikh Mohammed's late father, "Sheikh Rashid", who established modern Dubai, As the construction of the probe took 11 engineers at the "Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center" for six years.

The Rashid Rover 1 mission is the first Emirati mission to the moon, and it was developed within the framework of the UAE's local lunar exploration program.

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