WhatsApp allows users to edit sent messages within just 15 minutes

The "Meta" company, which owns the WhatsApp messaging software, has announced a new feature connected to editing transmitted messages, as users can now re-edit messages in the event of spelling problems or the wish to revise them.

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Because of the capacity of WhatsApp users to edit messages, in the event that a mistake was made in the message, or just change your mind, this is one of the excellent features that were widely appreciated by users immediately after its official launch.

WhatsApp edit sent messages for everyone

As previously stated, users will be able to change their delivered messages within around 15 minutes of sending them to the other end of the chat.

Users can now use this new functionality by long-pressing on a sent message and selecting "Modify" from the drop-down menu.

According to Reuters, the new WhatsApp feature will add the phrase "modified message" to messages that have been updated by one of the conversation's participants.

WhatsApp edit sent messages for everyone
WhatsApp edit sent messages for everyone

Twitter and Telegram both have the ability to edit messages

It is worth mentioning that the ability to alter messages in WhatsApp after they have been sent is present in many other messaging apps that compete with WhatsApp, including Telegram, Singal, and Twitter, as these apps allow users to modify messages after they have been sent directly.

Twitter, the world's most popular social networking site, also lets users edit tweets after they've been sent.

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