WhatsApp announces new update on media messages

WhatsApp continues to release updates on an ongoing basis, the latest of which was announced today, an update that includes new features that have been added, or modifications to properties already on the app, coinciding with its ongoing privacy and security updates.

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WhatsApp's new update

The popular app's administrators have launched the WhatsApp update, but so far it hasn't been applied to all users, but many people have accessed the updated version of WhatsApp, finding that the new update is heavily linked to media messages, which are used directly and continuously with friends and relatives.

The new WhatsApp update allows you to modify the list of people receiving the media messages you send, unlike in the past, where you had to initially select the message and then people, and then ask, but the new update includes, the possibility of returning to the selected list again, to receive and modify messages whether deleting the contact, or adding a new contact.

WhatsApp captions

The company is currently making a number of very general adjustments, in captions, even for screenshots, which you can take from within a conversation within whatsapp, whether individual or group, but so far there is no specific date for the introduction of this caption feature.

The new WhatsApp update feature, which amends media message recipients, has already been announced by wabetainfo, which is interested in app updates, whether it is being developed or those already approved.

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