WhatsApp without internet.. Learn how to activate the service

One of the new features that the WhatsApp application added to the very famous application, and among these features, is the feature of linked devices, which amounted to 4 devices at the same time and without affecting one of them on the other in operation or delay in the appearance of messages or other such.

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The advantage of working WhatsApp without the Internet

The famous WhatsApp application revealed the updated feature, as it allows users to link their accounts between the mobile phone and the PC, through which he can send and receive messages without the need for the Internet, or more precisely, there is no need for a smartphone. You can receive and receive messages even if your phone is locked.

How to activate the WhatsApp service without the Internet

  • Open the app on your phone.

  • Click on the three dots at the top of the screen.

  • Click on settings.

  • Click on the associated devices.

  • Select the option (Link another device to your mobile device).

  • You must have a computer with WhatsApp.

  • Open the WhatsApp program on the phone and the computer, make a pairing, and you will be able to use the application without the Internet for several days.

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