A passenger plane takes off from the airport and forgets the passengers on the bus

A strange incident in India...the plane took off and left the passengers on the ground.

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Airplane leaving passengers on the tarmac

India's aviation regulator has reprimanded an airline for leaving dozens of passengers behind on the tarmac in the southern state of Karnataka.

Forgetting 50 passengers on the bus

A Go First plane - formerly known as Go Air - took off, leaving more than 50 passengers in limbo on the bus.

Go First flight to New Delhi

Indian media reported that a flight belonging to the "Go First" airline took off on time on a domestic flight from Bangalore in Karnataka, southern India, towards the capital, New Delhi, last Monday.

This plane was supposed to carry the passengers, who were all on buses at the airport.

Flight crew error

There were 4 buses on the airport grounds, 3 of which were full (50 passengers each), and the last one had 5 to 6 passengers.

Because of this procedure, the flight crew assumed that the number that boarded the plane was all passengers, ignoring the presence of 55 other passengers on another bus that was waiting on the airport grounds.

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