Aircraft crew suspended after assaulting a woman in business class

The crew of a plane stopped one of its passengers urinating on a woman in business class.

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A passenger on a plane was arrested because of a woman's complaint

Indian police have arrested a restless and disorderly passenger on a flight, after a woman on an Air India flight from New York complained that he had urinated on her in business class.

Police statement regarding the arrest of a passenger who urinated on a woman on the plane

Police spokesman, Suman Nalva, said today, Sunday, that the police arrested the passenger Shankar Mishra in the southern city of Bengaluru and transferred him to the Indian capital on Saturday.

Imprisonment 14 days and the start of the investigation into the incident

A New Delhi court has sent Mishra to jail for 14 days while the police investigate the complaint.
Sugata Bhattacharjee, another passenger on the flight, told reporters that he had seen Mishra drinking excessively and speaking incomprehensibly.

Stop the flight crew and interrogate them

Meanwhile, the airline has suspended a pilot and four cabin crew while investigating the accident.

The company's decision came after the woman wrote a letter to the chairman of the Tata Group, which owns the airline.

Business class woman complaint

The woman's letter states that a man urinated on her after eating lunch and turning off the lights.

And she added, “My clothes, shoes, and bag were completely soaked in urine, and the flight attendant checked the smell of urine and put disinfectant on my bag and shoes,” according to “timesnownews.”

The woman accused the airline and the flight crew of failing to help her

The woman said that she got a crew member seat for the rest of the flight after this incident, and accused the airline of not taking the necessary measures and failing to seriously assist her during this unfortunate incident.

She explained: "The flight crew could not manage this very delicate situation, I had to defend myself the whole time, and I waited a long period of time to get a response."

The crew reportedly took no action against the man at the time of the accident.

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