Formally.. How to extend a United Arab Emirates tourist visa

In the event that you are considering extending your visit visa for the United Arab Emirates, the following information contains all of the most recent and up-to-date visa extension rules.

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Newest visa extension rules

The United Arab Emirates has only recently revised the rules governing the extension of tourist visas. The following is an update on the most recent modifications to the Visa system that have been implemented by the UAE government:
Mandatory coverage for medical expenses
Only after leaving the country is an extension of stay permitted.
Termination of unused visitor visas in cases where extensions were not requested.
The fee for prolonging the validity of the visa

The purchase of health insurance is required.

A service that allows tourists visiting Dubai and the rest of the country on 90-day visitor visas to extend their stay for an additional 30 days, on a one-time basis, was recently made available by the UAE Authority for Identification, Nationality, Customs and Port Security (ICP). They will be able to extend visas for visiting family members and friends for 30, 60, and 90 days on a single trip or many visits, and they will also be able to validate the visas prior to the visitors entering the country.

Only after leaving the country is an extension of stay permitted.

It is no longer possible to extend visit visas from within the nation, as stated by travel agencies that are based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Visitors will first need to depart the UAE by plane and then submit their visa applications from a location outside the country.
Visa extension requests that were submitted from inside the nation have been turned down, but the Federal Authority for Identification, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) has not yet issued an official clarification of the new rule regarding the extension of a visa's validity period.

The obligatory extension of a visit visa, or the cancellation of an unused one

It is now mandatory for all overseas visitors to the United Arab Emirates to either extend their current visitor visa or cancel any unused visas.

Travelers who are unable to reach the United Arab Emirates within the allotted time on their visit visa have the option of submitting an application to have the validity period of their visa extended by sixty days. This can only be done by logging into the immigration website directly.

The applicant will not be able to obtain a new visitor visa to the UAE until the applicant's prior tourist visa, which has been unused, is either extended or cancelled.

The fee for prolonging the validity of the visa

Obtaining a visa extension at the conclusion of one's stay
If you have already used the maximum amount of time that is permitted on your tourist visa to spend in the UAE, you will need to depart the country before you may apply for an additional 30-day extension. In these circumstances, the cost of extending a visa will be Dh600.
Extension of the visiting visa that was unused
If you have not visited the United Arab Emirates during the time that your visit visa was valid, you will be eligible to pay a charge of Dh200 to have it extended so that it is valid for an additional 60 days.

However, there are certain other costs that should be taken into consideration, including a charge of 100 dirhams for smart services, a fee of 50 dirhams for the application form, and a fee of 50 dirhams for the authority and electronic services that are offered to clients.

This results in a grand total of 400 dirhams, which is still lower than the sum of 600 dirhams that travellers who are already in Dubai are required to pay in order to renew their visa.

How UAE Extend Visit Visa Online?

There is no in-person component to the visa extension service. From outside the UAE, you need to complete it via either the ICP website or the UAE Pass app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

You will require a passport that is valid for an additional six months after your current trip. If the application for the extension is complete and satisfies all requirements, the extended entrance permit will be provided electronically within forty-eight hours.

After you have used up all of the time that you are permitted to stay in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, you should look into options to extend your visa that are favourable to your wallet.

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