Introducing a new mechanism for passengers travelling between UAE airports

The government of the UAE has stated that it would be implementing a new system for visitors entering and exiting the country via its airports. As part of the new system, passengers will be required to disclose the total amount of money and valuables they are carrying at all times.

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A new circular has been issued by the Federal Authority for Identification and Citizenship for those who are travelling.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security has issued a call to all travellers entering and exiting the United Arab Emirates to disclose their possession of cash and the equivalent of bearer negotiable financial instruments, precious metals and stones of value if it is greater than the maximum allowable amount of 60,000 dirhams. This call was issued because the maximum amount of cash that can be carried into or out of the country is 60,000 dirhams. Emirati or comparable foreign currency.

Rights of travellers with regard to their finances in the Emirates

According to the disclosure system in the UAE, each family member over the age of 18 has the right to carry an amount not exceeding 60,000 dirhams or its equivalent in foreign currency without disclosing it, while it is necessary to disclose any amount that is greater than 60,000 dirhams. However, it is required to disclose any amount that is greater than 60,000 dirhams. The "Afsah" system or any other disclosure system that has been approved at a country's border crossings is required in order to adhere to the aforementioned limit. What is carried by passengers under the age of 18, including children and teenagers, is added to an adult family member who is accompanying the minor passenger, provided that the total quantity of financial items in their combined possession does not exceed 60,000 dirhams.

Turn on the electronic system known as "Afseh" for the passengers.

The authority had launched the electronic system "Afseh" to disclose cash amounts and cash equivalents in the possession of travellers, in both its electronic version via the website, and the smart version through the smart phone application, to enable travellers to complete the disclosure process and register their data easily and from anywhere in a few minutes prior to and during their travel in Within the framework of its keenness to provide a safe and comfortable travel environment in Within the framework of its keenness to provide a safe and comfortable travel environment, the authority had launched

The goals of putting into action the electronic system known as "Afsah"

The Director General of Customs at the Authority, Ahmed Abdullah bin Lahej Al Falasi, stated that the "Afseh" system's goal is to protect travellers and their money by regulating the mechanisms that permit the entry or exit of money into and out of the country in accordance with international laws and standards, as well as in accordance with the state's directives. This is done in order to ensure that the "Afseh" system is successful in achieving its goal. And its legislation, which boosts the country's competitiveness and strengthens its position at the regional and global levels, indicates that the mechanism for disclosing cash amounts does not include the imposition of any taxes or fees on travellers in exchange for this service. This legislation contributes to the country's increased competitiveness and strengthened position at the regional and global levels.

The significance of the cooperation of passengers entering and exiting airports in the UAE

He went on to say that the travellers' awareness of the objectives of disclosing cash amounts and their equivalents in the event that they exceed the limit permitted by law, as well as their awareness of the importance of the disclosure system in enhancing the efficiency, appropriateness, and financial transparency of the state, will contribute to the success of the system and will accelerate the pace at which the desired security and economic goals are achieved, in addition to providing the time and space necessary for such accomplishments.

Passengers entering and exiting airports in the UAE are subject to penalties for any infractions.

A customs fine is imposed in accordance with the unified customs law, or the traveller and seizures are referred to the competent law enforcement agencies based on cases and their recurrence, as cooperation in implementing this system includes a variety of institutions and agencies directly related to the fields of travel. The penalties for violators were determined by the disclosure system in the country. In this case, a customs fine is imposed in accordance with the unified customs law.

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