King Charles III and Queen Camilla crowned in a luxurious ceremony

Charles and Camilla began their coronation parade from Buckingham Palace through Central London in a golden carriage drawn by eight horses, Around 200 members of the British military, mostly from the Household Cavalry Regiment, rode in the procession. Around 1,000 other troops, sailors, and Royal Air Force men lined either side of the route to Westminster Abbey.

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Coronation of King Charles III and Camilla

As their Highnesses disembarked from their three-tonne carriage at the Great West Door in Westminster Abbey, escorted by church authorities and followed by an entourage of scarlet support staff, While bells sounded outside, trumpets and chanting filled the Abbey as they marched down the nave and past a large choir before taking their places at the commencement of the ceremonial service.

Coronation of King Charles III
King Charles III

In his first spoken part of the ritual, Charles stated that he had come to "serve, not be served" and to follow in the footsteps of the "king of kings". After being shown to the audience and repeatedly declared king, Charles swore a series of vows relating to his new obligations.

The substantial crown was placed on Charles' head while he sat motionless on a 700-year-old oak throne, holding two golden rods , one in each hand. "God Save the King," Archbishop Welby yelled, and the crowd answered in kind, before a thunderous trumpet flourish.

Coronation of King Charles III and Camilla
King Charles III and Camilla

The wealthiest members of the British church, as well as Charles' son, Prince William, vowed their devotion to the monarch, to which the crowd responded, "may the king live forever" , Camilla was crowned queen moments after and sat in the same chair as her husband as the choir began to sing.

Moreover, Aristocrats, celebrities, and leaders from a range of Britain's political parties arrived inside Westminster Abbey before of the ceremony. Singers such as Lionel Richie and Katy Perry were among those in the crowd, and they will perform at a concert to commemorate the coronation this weekend.

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