New developments regarding the stricken Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777

Investigators have made a new discovery more than eight years after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

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A new piece of the fuselage of the stricken Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was found

Some of the recently discovered wreckage has indicated that the landing gear was out of order when the plane crashed into the ocean.

Discovery of new evidence of the downed Malaysian Airlines flight

Experts and investigators revealed that the landing gear of the missing flight MH370 was low, and this discovery made them assume that the pilot may have deliberately crashed the plane into the sea to quickly sink it.

Emergency landing over water

Aviation experts have explained that pilots do not lower the landing gear while making an emergency landing on the water, and the reason for this is that lowering the landing gear during emergency landings over water increases the chance of the plane crashing into several pieces and sinking very quickly, which does not give the passengers enough time to get out of the plane and they cannot from surviving.

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The Malaysia Airlines MH370 passenger plane disappeared on March 8, 2014, on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and it made a sudden turn unexpectedly from its planned flight path, and it was tracked on military radar over the Strait of Malacca before it lost contact and there were 12 on board. A member of the crew, and 227 passengers, who hail from 14 different countries, and none of them have been found.

Find the landing gear door of the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight

Last month, investigators found the landing gear door of the doomed Boeing 777, known as the "trunnion door", in the home of a fisherman in Madagascar.
After examining the landing gear door, experts concluded that this was the first evidence that a Malaysian Airlines pilot had deliberately shot down the plane.
In 2017, a fisherman named Tataly found the landing gear door of the plane near his home on the Antsiraka Peninsula in Madagascar. He did not know the importance of this piece, and his wife had used it for washing since its discovery.
The recent discovery has caused many requests to open an expanded investigation again regarding the stricken Malaysian Airlines flight.

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