Serious worries about Barry Humphries' health

Barry Humphries, an iconic comedian from Australia, was taken to the hospital in an emergency situation. The hip replacement procedure that the 89-year-old actress, who is most known for portrayal of the role Dame Edna, recently underwent, however due to problems, he needed to be readmitted to the hospital.

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Entertainment reporter Peter Ford told Sunrise this morning (April 19) that Barry's health has taken a turn in recent days, but that he is optimistic that Barry will recover.

I believe Barry has a fighting spirit and won't give up easy, and Australia loves and appreciates you for all you've done for us. Peter said, "Many people will be keeping him and his loved ones in their thoughts."

A reporter from the breakfast show visited Barry in the hospital.

There are genuine concerns for Barry Humphries' health," Liam Tapper of Sunrise reported. After his recent hip surgery, we've heard that he's "taken a step back."

He and his wife Lizzie currently reside in London, although he fractured his hip when visiting Australia to retrieve a book. Since then, he has experienced difficulties from the hip operation. Like Barry Humphries, [he] was full of optimism following his operation and began referring to himself as "bionic Azhar." This is just who he is and how he laughs.

Barry Humphries
Barry Humphries, an iconic comedian from Australia

Barry began his career in the late 1950s. In the first London production of Oliver! in 1960, he made his mark as Mr. Sowerberry.

After starring in a few movies like Bedazzled and The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom, Barry finally found his niche performing sarcastic theatrical revues as a solo act. Barry would portray Dame Edna and other characters he had developed, such as Les Patterson and Sandy Stone, during these revues.

Barry has been busy over the past few years, appearing in a wide variety of films and television shows. hope that he get well soon!

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