The crash of a plane carrying top officials

A plane carrying Iran's Minister of Sports and 14 other people crashed while trying to land at the sports complex.

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A plane that was falling and crashing while carrying a minister as well as civilians

The Iranian Minister of Sports, Hamid Sajadi, was one of several people who lost their lives after the helicopter they were riding in crashed while attempting to land in a sports complex in the city of Baft, which is located in the country's south.

The location of the crash that occurred when the Minister of Sports was being transported by plane

In addition, according to the authoritative "IRNA" news agency, eyewitnesses stated that "a helicopter carrying the Minister of Sports crashed during its landing in the sports complex in the city of Baft," when the chopper was attempting to land in the sports complex.

Providing medical care while transporting the injured patients.

In addition, witnesses stated that the minister sustained injuries, was sent to the hospital along with his friends for treatment, and that the minister's injuries were not life-threatening.

Conduct an investigation into what led up to the plane tragedy.

According to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), on Thursday morning a helicopter that was landing at a sports complex in the city of Baft when it crashed, injuring several of the passengers and sending others to local medical facilities. The helicopter was carrying the Minister of Youth and Sports, Hamid Sajjadi.

According to the Iranian Radio and Television Corporation, "the minister was hurt, along with 14 passengers," and the organisation also said that "the exact cause of this mishap is being examined," adding that "further details will be published at a later time."

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