The list of countries whose driving license is recognized and replaced by the UAE includes 44 countries

The UAE recognizes the driving license of foreign residents coming from 44 countries and they can replace it.

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Nationalities who are allowed to replace their driving license in the Emirates

The Ministry of Interior has identified 43 nationalities around the world whose citizens can drive a vehicle with their national license during their visit to the UAE, without the need for a practical or theoretical test, in addition to 44 nationalities whose citizens can replace their national license with an Emirati license in the event of residence, through a number of conditions.

Types of driving licenses for foreigners in the UAE

First: It indicated that the recognition of a foreign driving license means the use of national driving licenses in the UAE for purposes other than residency.
Second: While the replacement means replacing the national driving license with the UAE driving license during residence.

Conditions for recognizing a driving license for foreigners in the UAE:

The driver's license must be valid.
Entering the country for a purpose other than residence.

Conditions for replacing a foreign driving license with an Emirati one.

To be among the countries permitted to exchange a driver's license.
To have a valid residence permit.
The national license of its owner must be valid and valid.
To meet the legal age in accordance with the laws and regulations of the UAE.
Passing the medical examination and complying with the other requirements for the exchange of driving licenses. The replacement categories include motorcycles and light vehicles.

List of countries in which they can use their driving licenses in the UAE

Citizens of 43 nationalities can use the driving license issued by their countries during a visit or exchange it for an Emirati license upon residence, which is
: Estonia, Albania, Portugal, China, Hungary, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, Iceland, Montenegro, USA, France, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany , Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Norway, New Zealand, Romania, Singapore, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Finland, United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada, Poland, South Africa, Australia.

In addition to South Korean citizens, who can replace their driving license issued by their country with an Emirati license when residing in the country.

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