UAE: Actress Chrisanne Pereira released on bail in drugs case

The 27-year-old actress from Mumbai " Chrisann Pereira "was taken into police custody at the Sharjah airport at the UAE on April 1 after authorities discovered drugs hidden in a trophy she was carrying. Her lawyer in Dubai, Mohammad Al Redha, declared that the Indian actress has been granted bail and her passport has been placed in the custody of the Sharjah prosecutors until the investigation is completed.

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Chrisanne Pereira's statments

Chrisanne stated that , she will be fine as soon as she gets home. Primila Pereira, The mother of the actress said that they applied for bail and the prosecutors accepted bail.

" Mr Al Redha" acclaimed that Chrisann's passport will be withheld until the case is closed and they have not asked for any further guarantees. She was released on bail because they understood she was not involved in any drug case and approached the police to give information.

The Indian actress stated that two men tricked her, into traveling to the United Arab Emirates to perform an audition for a 'Hollywood' web series, which is being filmed in Dubai.

She was asked to hold her prize trophy minutes before the flight took off from Mumbai to Sharjah.

Chrisanne Pereira

Her family became concerned when no one met her at Sharjah airport and advised her to contact the police and report that she had brought the trophy from India.

Mumbai police arrested the men posing as talent scouts under the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act after Pereira's family filed a complaint

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