World Health: 30 tonnes medical aid to Sudan ready for shipment in Dubai

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that with constant coordination and cooperation with the Emirate of Dubai, in order to facilitate the transportation of medical supplies and assistance to the Sudan , and various regions of the world, where the Emirate hosts the "WHO" Logistics Center.

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The World Health Organization

As WHO Regional Director for Eastern Mediterranean Dr Ahmed Al-Manzari stated that there are currently 30 metric tons of medical supplies, including trauma kits, inter-agency health kits, gloves and other supplies ready for shipment from our logistics center in Dubai, will be transferred as soon as a practical method is secured by air or sea.

UAE medical aids
UAE aids to Sudan

Shipping Medical aids and supplies to Sudan

He affirmed that coordination and cooperation relationships with the Emirate of Dubai are existing and continuous, which host the World Health Organization (WHO) Logistics Centre and facilitate transportation and shipment to various parts of the world, stated that the Emirate had an important role within Covid-19 pandemic as it enabled the organization to send doubled numbers of shipments to various world regions.

He thanked the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Dubai for their constant cooperation and valuable contribution in enabling the Organization to play its role during the health emergency.

UAE shipping aid to Sudan

Al-Manzari said: "WHO still committed to protect the health of the Sudanese people and it is actively working to ensure that urgently needed medical supplies are delivered to health facilities so that health workers trained by the organization on mass casualty management and emergency care, can use them to treat people and save lives, In this context, the Organization sent six containers of miscellaneous supplies and urgent medical supplies to the Sudan, the supplies include trauma treatment, emergency surgery and inter-agency emergency healthcare packages, we hope that it will contribute to relief about 5000 injured approximately and to treat the severe acute malnutrition suffered by four million children and pregnant and lactating women."

While he continued: "There are currently 80 metric tons of emergency medical supplies, including 59 metric tons of intravenous fluids, 8 tons of trauma equipment and 12 metric tons of severe acute malnutrition treatment kits, in Port Sudan awaiting customs clearance, and urgent customs clearance has been negotiated for the rapid release of supplies."

He mentioned that medical supplies were being transferred from the WHO Logistics Centre in Dubai on a chartered aircraft, before which 3.6 million USD was released to respond from the emergency fund, he stated that "The organization thanks the donors that are providing support to this vital fund that allows the organization to act quickly in emergencies, while Sudan's Humanitarian Response Plan for year 2023 seeks to collect 1.7 billion USD to help 12.5 million people, and we hope that we can handle this funding to save millions of Sudanese people".

He also pointed out that the six containers carrying WHO medical supplies had arrived in Port Sudan by ships, and WHO works with customs to unload the ship and transport supplies to Port Sudan warehouses and from there to the security-stabilized states somehow, and we are waiting opportunities to stop the violence to distribute those supplies in Khartoum and conflict zones, which were most in need.

Al-Manzari mentioned that "The WHO has additional supplies in preparation phase, which will be released as soon as security and logistical conditions allow".

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