Determine ways for expatriates to obtain a driving license in the UAE

The UAE authorities have defined ways for expatriates to obtain a driver's license for expatriates in the UAE, and have indicated that there are 8 ways to obtain a driver's license, with clarification of the driver's license test fees.

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The golden opportunity service for expatriates to obtain a driving license without lessons

Dubai residents who hold a valid driver's license - even if they are not from a country eligible to exchange the license - can skip the driving lessons and move directly to the theory test and road test through the latest driving license initiative, which is the golden opportunity service launched by the Roads and Transport Company, Salt. It gives residents from non-exempt countries a one-time opportunity to experience the rigorous process of obtaining an Emirati driver's license, and through this service, any expatriate of Indian, Filipino, Pakistani or driver from other countries can transfer his driving license in Dubai without lessons, and all that is required to replace the license Complete the registration, pay the required fees and take the theory and road tests in one go instantly.

 driving license
driving license

Driving license test fees in the Emirates at the Golden Opportunity service

The expected cost for obtaining to open the test fee file, issuing the license, etc. is up to 2,200 dirhams. To benefit from the golden opportunity initiative, the applicant only needs to visit any of the approved driving centers. Dubai Police has warned applicants to obtain the license if the applicant fails. In the test, he will have to enroll in regular classes.

Countries that can exchange driving licenses in the UAE

Citizens of the following countries and territories, who have a driving license, are now eligible to exchange their driving licenses for a UAE driving license and they are: GCC, USA, UK, China, Canada, Lithuania, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Serbia, Luxembourg, Estonia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Romania, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Denmark, Austria, France, Norway, Montenegro, Ukraine, Japan, Korea South, Hong Kong, China, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

 driving license
driving license

Areas that cannot exchange driving licenses in the UAE

The UAE has prohibited the replacement of driving licenses issued in the following regions: Puerto Rico (United States), Northern Marianas (United States), Guam Island (United States), Liechtenstein (Switzerland), Monaco (France) and Jersey Island (Britain).

How to exchange a driving license in the UAE

The process of exchanging a driving license for an Emirati driving license issued in Dubai requires obtaining an original driving license from one of the countries mentioned above, in addition to an eye test, Emirates ID, and a translation of the driving license if it is not written in English or Arabic.

Granting a driving license to holders of golden residency in the Emirates

They just need to present a valid driving license from their home country and pass the knowledge and road tests to obtain a driving license in Dubai, where they can apply for the knowledge test after opening a traffic file and paying the following fees of 200 dirhams for the RTA test fee, in addition to 20 dirhams for the knowledge and innovation fee, The cost is 320 dirhams if someone wants to book an appointment within 48 hours after submitting the application. As for the fee for fees, it is 200 dirhams for the RTA test fee, in addition to 20 dirhams for knowledge and innovation fees. It is 320 dirhams for those who want to book an appointment within 48 hours after submitting the application.

Granting a driving license in the Emirates to the cabin crew

Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) offers a special driving course for pilots and cabin crew of Emirates Airlines and flydubai Professionals may appear directly in the RTA road test with their valid country license Those who do not hold a valid country license will have to register for 20 hours of Training. Pilots and cabin crew of other airlines can also enroll as regular students in the 10/15/20 hour sessions of the Flying Crew Course.

Issuing driving licenses for young people from 18 years old in the UAE

The driving course in the UAE is intended for students of universities, colleges or schools in Dubai. The minimum age is 17 years and 6 months to register for the car driving course and 17 years to register for the motorcycle riding course, while the UAE driving license will be issued when the applicant reaches 18 years.

Driving courses at discounted prices to obtain a driving license in the UAE

Driving courses are designated for select low-income professions and workers, including drivers, domestic workers, nannies, laborers, cleaners, cooks, builders, office workers, accountants, bus drivers, bakers, etc.

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