Emirates Airlines begins implementing new rules for dealing with unruly passengers

After signing a protocol to manage arrivals to the country on board international airlines, Emirates Airlines today announced the start of implementing the new rules for dealing with disobedient passengers through its airlines.

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And the Emirates aviation authorities will have complete authority to deal with passengers who are responsible for physical assaults, harassing, smoking, and disobeying the crew's instructions.

Since most of these issues already cause delays in operations, travel plans, and the general environment for the crew, Emirates Airlines has stated that the new norms and procedures will be imposed immediately, regardless of the site of registration of the aircraft.

Emirates Airlines

unruly passengers in Emirates Airlines

The most recent protocol signed by Emirates Airlines is based on the (Montreal 2014) protocol, which aims to reinforce the global legal deterrent against poor behaviour on board flights.

This step would enable better international coordination against passengers who form a big number of crew members and the welfare of passengers, and it will not be confined to granting Emirates Airlines authority to deal with difficult passengers just at the country's airports.

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