Emirates Education requires "excellence" To accept students in its schools

The application period for enrollment in government schools for residents will open in May, the names will be approved at the end of the current academic year, and students will receive a certificate at the end of the academic year, as stated in the guide.

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Study fees in the UAE

The guide for student registration service in government schools for the academic year 2023/2024, which was finally approved by the Emirates Foundation for School Education, stipulated excellence as a prerequisite for accepting the registration of students residing in public schools for the following academic year, requiring a minimum score of 90% in two or more of Arabic, English, and Mathematics. And the percentage in the third article should not be less than 85 percent, or the equivalent percentage in the grade description system (AB), for the admission of students residing in grades two through twelve, with the tuition fee per student set at 6,000 dirhams.

The registration period for domestic pupils for the upcoming academic year concluded in March.

The Foundation permitted male and female kindergarteners in the first, second, and first grade to enroll in government institutions.

It also made it accessible to particular Cooperation Council groups and students.

The evidence indicated that those accepted into the first kindergarten stage completed four years of age, those accepted into the second kindergarten stage completed five years of age, and those accepted into the first grade completed six years of age, but did not exceed eight years, provided that the student reaches the required age by August 31 of the same year he is accepted.

For pupils to enroll in the elite track (from fifth to eighth grade), the institution stipulated that they must be citizens of the country or the children of female citizens, and that a seat be available at the grade level.

Conditions for accepting students

In order to be accepted into the track, fourth-grade students must earn an average of 90 in mathematics, 90 in English, and 85 in science, while students in all other grades must earn an average of 80% in science, mathematics, and English.

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