Emirates Police Warn Against Holiday Reckless Driving on Eid Al Fitr

The Abu Dhabi Police Department has published a statement clarifying that they have a comprehensive and proactive traffic and security strategy in place for the Eid al-Fitr holidays. The statement was issued in response to questions that were raised by the public. Its fundamental objective is to guarantee the safety of all members of society, from those who live there permanently to those who are just passing through temporarily.

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The police advised motorists to observe traffic regulations, slow down, and stay off their phones so they could safely send and receive Eid greetings. Drivers are also asked to behave civilly on the road and avoid dangerous behaviours like speeding and holding races in residential areas.

To ensure everyone's safety during the Eid Al Fitr festival, residents are asked to follow the rules and avoid any contact with fireworks or those who deal in them. Parents are asked to keep their kids from playing on the street or crossing the street unattended.

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violation Reckless Driving in Emirates

Emirates Police
Reckless Driving

The government will increase police and security patrols on main thoroughfares and prominent tourist locations that are likely to see huge crowds throughout the holiday, as well as in and around busy commercial and public spaces like as retail malls, parks, and gardens. These areas include places that are likely to see large crowds throughout the vacation. The police and several other security personnel are going to step up their efforts in order to make the neighbourhood a safer place.

The directorates of the capital city, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra, respectively, reaffirmed their commitment to working towards the greatest possible rates of road safety and spreading comfort and reassurance to society as a whole by their constant presence on the pitch to guarantee the free and easy flow of traffic. This was done in order to achieve the goal of working towards the greatest possible rates of road safety.

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To receive calls and communications and to ensure that the appropriate police teams arrive as soon as possible to meet urgent calls and emergency cases, the 999 Command and Control Centre in the Operations Department of the Central Operations Sector works around the clock, every day of the week.

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