Last year,'super speeders' in Dubai forked over Dh53 million in traffic fines

Last year, Dh53.9 million ($14.6 million) was collected in traffic fines from drivers in Dubai who were caught going over the speed limit by more than 60 kilometres per hour.

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In 2022, police in Dubai recorded 24,837 such violations, of which 4,322 were drivers going 80 km per hour faster than permitted.

The worst offenders had their vehicles taken away from them for a period of 60 days while they paid a Dh3,000 fine and received 23 points on their licences.

According to Dubai Police's General Department of Traffic Director Maj. Gen. Saif Al Mazroui, exceeding maximum speed restrictions is one of the most serious infractions because it can cause or contribute to major accidents.

Twenty-five thousand and fifteen motorists were caught going 60 kph over the limit. They were each given a Dh2,000 fine, 12 traffic points, and the possibility of having their vehicles impounded for 30 days.

Accidental traffic offences are more common than irresponsible ones, as stated by Maj. Gen. Al Mazroui.

Studies are conducted with a number of criteria in mind, including the volume of traffic and the condition of the road, to arrive at an appropriate speed limit.

"Everyone must be aware that adherence to speed limits is crucial to ensuring safety, and the additional margin to speed limit cuts off all excuses of lack of focus," he stated.

"It's understandable if a driver goes over the limit by one or two kilometres due to distraction, but anyone who goes over the limit by 60 or 80 kilometres has no right to be on the road."

Speed limits are set according to traffic intensity

When added to other risky behaviours, like talking on a cell phone while driving, the dangers of driving at high speeds become far more severe.

"In such situations, the driver lacks adequate time to react and address any unforeseen emergencies that may arise along their path," stated Maj. Gen. Al Mazroui.

A driver may be forced to undertake an unexpected evasive movement if a collision is imminent due to high speed and inadequate spacing between vehicles.

He warned that such a rash move could cause a catastrophic crash, putting the lives of the driver and bystanders in peril.

He went on to say that this infraction is a big contributor to road accidents and shows a lack of discipline on the part of the offenders.

Last year, 2,319 similar cases were handled by the department. Offenders received a Dh2,000 fine, 23 demerit points, and had their vehicles impounded for 60 days.

Some examples of illegal behaviours on the road include dangerous lane changes at high speeds, sudden stops in front of other vehicles, street racing, and aggressive driving.

Because of the danger they bring to both the perpetrators and other drivers on the road, "we do not tolerate these behaviours," Maj. Gen. Al Mazroui added.

While the vast majority of motorists do the right thing, he added, the department's attention is being directed on warning the public about the perils of careless driving.

"There is still a minority of drivers who require deterrence to improve overall road safety for everyone," he stated.

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