How to check police status in the UAE online, step by step

Want to know how to do an online UAE police case check? Despite recent efforts to reduce the severity of penalties for bounced checks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is still illegal to produce a check written on an account that does not have enough money in it to cover its face value. Because of this, creditors shouldn't automatically rule out bringing a criminal complaint as a means of debt collection just because doing so won't result in a jail sentence (for sums below the applicable threshold), Next, we will explain to you the steps and how to check police status in the UAE online with steps.

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When a cheque bounces in Dubai, how do I report it to the police?

  1. To file a formal complaint with the Dubai Police, you can go to (Dubai Police Portal - nt/reportbouncedchequesDetails) and do so in Arabic. A unique transaction ID will be provided, which should be kept secure for future reference.
  2. Second, the police will ask the relevant bank for the signatory's information. We recommend checking back with the bank after five (5) days to see if they responded to the Police, but this information may not be available for several weeks.
  3. If you're filing a complaint, you'll need to bring the following items to the police station: (a) the original returned bank cheque; (b) the return advice slip from the bank confirming that the cheque was returned and stating the reason for the return (insufficient funds); and (c) a copy of the signatory's passport that you hold on file along with that person's full address and contact details.
  4. After the police accept your complaint, they'll give you a case number (which you should write down somewhere safe; you'll need it later).
  5. 5. If the signatory's information was confirmed, the police will try to get in touch with them and ask them to come to the police station to answer the complaint.
  6. A request to the immigration authorities to prevent the signatory from travelling (travel ban) will be disseminated by the Police if the signatory does not respond to the Police or cannot be traced. If the signer tries to leave the country, immigration officials have the right to detain them.
  7. Seven, if the signer can pay the fine, you can petition to the police to have the complaint dropped and then go to the station to get your money.
  8. The Public Prosecutor may send the matter to the Criminal Courts for a decision if the signatory is unable to pay (see clause 8). Filing a criminal complaint is merely a technique to punish the signatory (whether through a fine or incarceration) and will not result in a judgement compelling the debtor to pay. A commercial debt may not always be recoverable through criminal proceedings; in such cases, a civil claim must be filed with the Court before a civil judgement can be granted.

how to check police case in uae online?

The United Arab Emirates' (UAE) judicial system is split into the Federal Judiciary and the Local Judiciary.Sharia and civil courts run in parallel but handle distinct types of cases, making for a convoluted legal structure. In the United Arab Emirates, for instance, each Emirate has its own federal court of first instance, whereas Dubai and Ras al Khaimah have their own judicial systems.All judicial matters not delegated to the federal judiciary by the constitution are the responsibility of the local judicial authority in each emirate.

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