UAE: 400 dirhams for driving under 120 km/h on these roads

On May 1, 2023 AD, the warning violations time for the "minimum speed" system on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road in both directions on the two motorways will come to an end. The Abu Dhabi Police General Command will then begin enforcing the system the day after the warning violations period ends.

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The first and second left lanes will have maximum speeds of 140 kilometers per hour and minimum speeds of 120 kilometers per hour. Drivers and other users of the road who drive at speeds lower than 120 kilometers per hour will receive warnings for "driving a vehicle at a speed less than the minimum speed set for the road, if there is any." It costs four hundred dirhams.

driving a car in Emirates

She advised motorists to drive safely for the sake of everyone on the road and emphasized that minimum speed violations will not be enforced in the third lane, whose speed is capped at 140 kilometers per hour, or in the last lane, which is reserved for large vehicles.

She emphasized that the minimum speed had been set in order to direct slower vehicles to the right lanes and to require drivers to always yield to vehicles entering from behind or to the left. This was done so that the minimum speed could be activated.

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