UAE government: documents required for issuing a residence permit and its validity period

The length of time a resident visa is valid depends on the type of visa and the guarantor. Learn more about the procedures for applying to the service as well as the additional requirements for a resident visa. Read up on the procedures for extending and cancelling your residence permit.

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Duration of validity of the residence visa:

Depending on the kind, a resident visa may be valid for one year, two years, three years, five years, or ten years, as is the case with the Golden residence visa.
The criteria for issuing residence visas have recently been updated, and certain categories and conditions can now qualify for a five-year or ten-year residence visa. Learn more about senior resident visas and long-term residence visas in the UAE.
Family members' residence visas expire together with the stay of the family head or guarantor, and if the visa holder is absent from the country for more than 180 days, their residence is automatically ended or canceled. The Golden residence permit holders are exempt from this requirement because they are permitted to travel abroad for any length of time without having their residence permit suspended.

Residence visa in the UAE
Residence visa in the UAE 1

Medical examination:

A person must be at least 18 years old and pass a state-mandated medical fitness examination to receive or renew a residence visa for the first time. He must also pass a security check and apply for a resident ID card from the federal authority for identity, citizenship, Customs, and port security.

Residence visa in the UAE 2
Residence visa in the UAE 2

Documents required for issuing residence:

A modern colorful personal photo with a white background for the sponsor
Sponsor's passport copy
Emirates ID application receipt
Housing lease agreement (certified) or any proof of ownership of a residence
A copy of the guarantor/host's passport and a valid residence permit
The employment contract of the guarantor
Certificate of medical fitness of the sponsored person (if he is 18 years old or older)
Permission to enter
Duly certified birth certificate (for children)
Copy of the wife's residence permit (for newborns within the country)
Health insurance or health card
Death or divorce certificate (for a divorced and widowed woman who is the guarantor of her family after the death or divorce of her husband)
Proof of housing (for divorced and widowed)
Proof of income sufficient for living expenses (divorced and widowed)
A certificate issued by the university or educational institution specifying the duration of the study (for students)

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