Urgent UAE: statement on the cancellation of a residence visa and the position of residents outside the countr

The federal authority for identity, citizenship, Customs and Port Security reported that the fees of fines for staying inside the country after the expiry of the residence or visit visa and the grace period granted for its renewal have been unified, and the violation became 50 dirhams for each day a resident or visitor stays inside the country after the expiry of the grace period.

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Renewal of residence visa:

The guarantor must renew your UAE resident visa quickly and by the deadline if you want to avoid paying penalties or facing other repercussions. Residents have a grace period of six months after their residence visa expires during which they can remain in the UAE legally.

Keep in mind that the Emirates ID will also expire when the residency visa does.

The client must acquire a special permit and approval from the federal authority for identity, citizenship, Customs, and port security if he needs to renew the residence visa for travel purposes months before it expires (from one month to six months).

Entry of residents staying outside the country for more than 6 months:

This service, which covers all authorized residencies within the authority's system of services, is offered to residents who have valid residency but had to spend more than six months abroad for study, employment, or medical treatment. It enables them to reactivate their residency and reenter the country with that residency.
A copy of the Emirates ID and a copy of the passport must be submitted, along with a note explaining why the applicant was unable to enter the country during that time, for their permit application to be approved. This service is only available to foreign visitors who have spent longer than 6 months abroad.

The prerequisites for the service are as follows:

The application has to be submitted from abroad.
The customer may submit an application following 180 days of travel abroad.
If your application is accepted, you have 30 days from the application's acceptance date to enter the country.
A justification for staying abroad for more than 180 days must be given.
Every 30 days or fewer spent outside of the nation incurs a violation fee of AED 100.

Visa 1
Visa 2

Cancellation of residence visa:

If you are a person who lives or works in the UAE and intends to permanently leave the country, you must make sure that your residence visa is properly canceled and that you are given the necessary guarantees.

In most cases, only the guarantor or his authorized representative (such as a representative, for example, in the case of companies) is permitted to proceed with the cancellation of residence visas that he has pledged, and the guarantor himself is not permitted to execute the application without his consent and signature.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization must be contacted with a request to terminate the employment contract and the employee's work card before the employer can terminate the employee's work residence visa. Both the employer and the employee must sign this request before the employer submits it to the federal agency in charge of identity, citizenship, Customs, and port security.

A letter signed by the employee indicating that he has received all of his salary, dues, and end-of-service payments from the employer must be submitted to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization for the employer to terminate the employee's work permit.

The guarantor must first terminate the sponsored visa for any family members' residence visas, such as his wife and children, before canceling his resident visa.


How to cancel a residence visa:

The application for residency cancellation may be made electronically through the platforms offered by the agencies in charge of issuing resident visas, through authorized printing offices, or both.

offices for registered printing

A printing office that has been registered and approved by the federal body for identity, citizenship, Customs, and port security may be increased by the guarantor or host. The cancellation form will be completed by the printing center on behalf of the guarantor and submitted to the authority.

through the internet

Through the authority's electronic channels, including its website and smart application on the Google Play and App Store platforms, the guarantor or host may also submit a cancellation request.

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