Walk Safely Initiative..98 thousand beneficiaries within Q1 2023

98 thousands of driving license applicants at “Driving” training centers in the whole country take advantage of “Walk Safely” initiative for drug hazards awareness according to the approved system from the Counter Narcotics Directorate in the criminal security department at the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police within the first quarter of 2023.

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Efforts of the "Walk Safely" initiative

Brigadier Taher Ghareeb El-Zahri the Counter Narcotics Directorate manager at Abu Dhabi Police assured the initiative success in publishing Narcotics hazards awareness and, its harmful effects on the human’s health and safety.

As he pointed out that the continuous attention of this dangerous scourge to maintain community security and people's safety, in addition to keeping abreast of developments in eliminating it through cooperation with other police departments locally, regionally and internationally, They emphasized the relentless national efforts made by the UAE to save its children from diseases caused by drugs, including in the field of awareness or treatment and aftercare.

walk safely
Walk Safely Initiative

Khaled El-Shmeli the CEO of Emirates company for driving vehicles, and the strategic partner in the initiative, approved the success of the initiative for providing incentivize and Narcotics hazards awareness for driving license applicants, in addition to the Counter Narcotics Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police valuable efforts in spreading awareness of this lesion hazards to the highest segment of the society , by including enough information about Narcotics harms through the approved system of “Emirates Driving institute”.

The Anti-Narcotics department

Colonel Mohamed Sleem El-Amri the deputy director of the Anti-Narcotics department at Al-Ain stressed on, the initiative importance and its positive reflections in the drug control, mentioning the insisting efforts made by the security entities and police departments which are dedicated to control drugs and arrest the dealers.

General Administration of Federal Vehicles and Drivers Licensing

He also thanked the General Administration of Federal Vehicles and Drivers Licensing to the participation in supporting “Walk Safely” initiative around the whole country to develop the police system in the drug control process, and he stated the cooperation with the partners in educating and protecting youth segment from entering drug addiction cycle, and in limiting vehicles accidents caused by the drug abuse specially in youth segment.

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