UAE petrol prices set to change after a week 5-2023

The costs of petrol and Diesel in the UAE are going to change the following week.

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The prices of petrol and gasoline in the UAE are scheduled to shift in May.

This is due to the fact that the committee responsible for determining fuel prices in the nation holds its meetings at the end of each month to determine the rate.

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Prices have a tendency to move in a manner that is consistent with prevailing world trends.

And because the price of Brent futures and US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude has remained relatively stable over the course of the past month, it is anticipated that there will be very little movement.

UAE petrol prices

The following is the current rate, which was decided upon by the committee in March:

  • Super 98 petrol: Dhs3.01.
  • Special 95 petrol: Dhs2.90.
  • E-Plus 91 petrol: Dhs2.82.
  • Diesel: Dhs3.03.

In June of 2022, the price of petrol in the UAE crossed the Dhs4 threshold for the first time.

In the month of July, they hit an all-time high, with the price of a litre of Super 98 standing at Dhs4.63.

After then, prices continued their downward trend throughout the months of August, September, and October.

prices of petrol and gasoline in the UAE

After that, there was an increase in November, which was then followed by another decrease in December.

In 2015, the government of the country liberalised the pricing of fuel, bringing local rates in line with those of international oil markets.

Every month for the previous seven years, a group that deals with fuel prices has been together to discuss and announce new prices.

In addition to providing an incentive for people to use alternative fuels, the government has high hopes that this move will lead to an increase in the number of citizens who take advantage of public transit.

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