Announcing health insurance offers for expatriates in the UAE 2023

The United Arab Emirates has announced health insurance offers for expatriates in the Emirates for the year 2023, which were launched in order to facilitate the residents of the country.

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Announcing the diversity of the value of health insurance for expatriates in the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates requires that all expatriates have health insurance, but not all expatriates earn the same wages or belong to the same salary groups, Because of this, the health insurance tiers have been diversified to make it possible to choose between them, and insurance companies in the UAE enjoy a competitive market, Customers have the option to select their level of coverage from among numerous available options offered by United.

Types of health insurance for expatriates in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, there are two primary categories of health insurance plans, The first of these is known as the Basic Benefits Plan (EBP), and it is mandated by the Dubai Health Authority that certain minimum benefits be included in all health insurance plans, The insurance coverage limits for this plan can reach 150,000 AED, and its cost can range between 550 dirhams depending on the year. The second primary category of health insurance plans is known as the Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), This plan offers many benefits, such as coverage of emergency cases or, for example, coverage of pre-existing cases, in addition to treatment, periodic examinations and surgeries, as well as maternity, as well as preventive services, including vaccinations, and it is important to note that some of these services may not be covered under this plan, Other benefits of this plan include treatment, periodic examinations and surgeries, as well as treatment, as well as coverage for pre-existing cases, There is a requirement for a co-payment, and the second type of health insurance schemes for UAE residents is the comprehensive plan, This plan has a lower co-payment, fewer exclusions, higher limits on the annual medical insurance policy, and a wider network of health care providers than the basic plan does. However, it does not offer as many benefits as the basic plan does, Coverage of both the teeth and the eyes in a wide geographical area.

health insurance
health insurance

Health insurance offers for golden residency holders in the UAE

Golden residency holders in Abu Dhabi were provided with exclusive offers from insurance companies at prices that were affordable for all, for families and individuals, These exceptional benefits included the ability to benefit from a network of more than 3,000 medical service providers in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the provision of international coverage and emergency assistance through a network, The quickest possible settlement of medical claims is accomplished through the use of an electronic application, and it contains the largest number of health care providers found anywhere in the globe.

Duration of health insurance for golden residency holders in the UAE

Applicants for golden residence in the United Arab Emirates and their families who do not have current health insurance coverage are eligible for golden residence insurance, as explained by insurance companies, The policy period for golden residence holders is one year (annual contract), and it can be renewed on an annual basis. based on factors including age, gender, and previous medical conditions.

Types of health insurance for holders of golden residency in the Emirates

The insurance programmes that insurance companies provide for people who have golden residency are broken up into three different types of documents, The first type of document has a price that starts at 3000 dirhams, but its coverage is limited to the United Arab Emirates and some of the surrounding areas, Additionally, there is a maximum of 300 thousand dirhams that can be spent on treatment each year, The second type of document has a price that begins at 5000 dirhams. Dirhams, and its geographical coverage extends within the United Arab Emirates, as well as the countries of the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe, with a maximum treatment amount of two million and five hundred thousand dirhams annually, whereas the price of the third type of insurance policies for golden residency holders begins at forty thousand dirhams, and its geographical coverage includes all countries around the world, with a maximum of twenty million dirhams annually for treatment. These policies are only available to people who already have golden residency.

Health insurance offers for 6-month visitor visa holders

Insurance firms also issued health insurance documents (visit) for individuals who obtained a visit visa valid for a period of six months, for applicants for golden residency who live outside of the country and obtained a state visit visa to complete the documentation and transactions necessary for the golden residency application, and for those who obtained a visit visa valid for the state.

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