how to Check Emirates ID Fines and Avert astronomical fines

Emirates ID card fines: how to check? In the UAE, speeding or not paying for parking can result in severe fines. The UAE prioritises security to ensure inhabitants and drivers live peacefully.

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Many foreign nationals struggle to understand their Emirates ID fees, particularly during the Covid-19 outbreak when law enforcement focused primarily on those who violated safety regulations. Let's start by learning how to verify the emirates ID for fines.

Online Emirates ID Fine Checking:

Everyone is aware that the ICA (Identity and citizenship authority), which is operated by the Government of Abu Dhabi, is responsible for issuing Emirates IDs. As a result, any fines associated with Emirates IDs can be viewed on the Abu Dhabi Police website by clicking the link below. Click Here

Click the above link to be redirected to the Abu Dhabi Police's official website, or use the links below to download the app (registration is required for apps) to check your Emirates ID fine (personal or individual fines).

How Can I Verify My Emirates ID Fine?

  • Visit the app or website for Abu Dhabi police.
  • After selecting public services, select "traffic fine inquiry."
  • Choose Inquire by Emirates ID.
  • Your Emirates ID number must be entered.
  • Enter code, then press the submit button.

Check Emirates ID Fines  1

You will be given full disclosure of any penalties assessed against your UAE residency card, including your ID number, the fine location, and the fine amount. Check out the sample below.

Check Emirates ID Fines  2

The system will display "No fines according to the conditions used in the inquiry process" if there was no infringement.

Check Emirates ID Fines 3

Types of fines listed on an Emirates ID:

  • 19 breaches of COVID
  • Infraction of jaywalking
  • Delay in registering emirates id
  • Added individual transgressions

Before ICA UAE issues you a new ID card, you can be requested to pay any outstanding penalties if your ID is in the process of being renewed (visa renewal) and you received a ticket before your emirates id expired.

Click the link below to view Abu Dhabi fines (traffic fines for Abu Dhabi), or click here to view Dubai police fines (RTA fines).

Hopefully, the information provided in response to your query "How can I check my Emirates ID fine" was accurate.

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