Dubai has officially announced a bicycle tunnel to help increase cyclists safety

The carbon footprint of the Emirates can be reduced and road safety in Dubai can be improved thanks to the creation of a tunnel just for cycling.

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The tunnel in Dubai is 6.6 metres wide and has a length of 160 metres specifically for cycling. The United Arab Emirates claims that 800 passengers per hour will be able to use the corridor.

The Dubai Bike Tunnel Project

The Roads and mobility Authority in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced this project as part of an ongoing campaign to protect the environment and ready the emirate's infrastructure for greener forms of mobility.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai also announced that they would be converting a section of the bike path leading to Al-Midan Street into a tunnel for cyclists as part of the same project, with the hopes that this would help reduce accidents and keep motorcycles and trucks apart.

Bike Tunnel

According to the most up-to-date plans revealed by the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai hopes to double the current length of bicycle lanes in the emirate to 819 kilometres by the year 2026.

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, has pledged to spend 400 million dirhams on a plan to make riding safer in Dubai next year, declaring his intention to turn Dubai into a bicycle-friendly city.

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