Dubai Taxi of the RTA wins Business Awards Excellence 2023

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai's taxi service took home a prize for business excellence.

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The World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) has announced that the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), which is owned and operated by the RTA, is the deserving recipient of the coveted The BIZZ AWARDS. This honour is given to the world's most successful businesses and organisations. This award is a recognition of DTC's efforts, performance, and the quality of the innovative services it delivers in keeping with the world's top excellence practises and creativity standards. This award was given to DTC. The winning of this award bolsters DTC's pioneering leadership in the provision of digital transport services that are both secure and environmentally friendly.

Winners were announced during a special event that was organised by WORLDCOB in Houston, which is located in the United States. In addition to several officials and executives from significant international corporations, there was also a delegation from DTC that attended.

The purpose of the BIZZ AWARDS is to recognise outstanding businesses from all around the world. DTC was chosen because of the unique services it has provided and the outcomes it has achieved over the previous three years. These factors were consistent with the requirements for the award, which included six different aspects: leadership, management systems, service quality, creativity and innovation, social responsibility, and achievements and results.

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This award serves as a symbol of DTC's path towards excellence and enduring leadership since the company is committed to providing services of the highest calibre and maintaining its performance in order to achieve its strategic goals. These goals centre on bringing joy to people by providing transport services that are up to the highest standards and are offered in a way that is cutting edge, original, digital, and environmentally friendly. The award is further evidence that DTC has actively contributed to the consolidation of Dubai's leading worldwide status in the transport industry and that it is able to keep up with the growing expansion of the emirate.

The BIZZ AWARDS are widely considered to be among the most important worldwide honours since they highlight leading organisations from all over the world. The prize is judged by a jury composed of the very best specialists from across the world. The fact that DTC was able to win this award is both a testament to the company's success over the last several years and an indication of the high-caliber of services it provides to its clientele. DTC meets the most stringent quality requirements in order to fulfil the mobility requirements of customers. This is accomplished via ongoing research and development as well as the introduction of cutting-edge services that strengthen the company's position in the field of intelligent transportation.

The BIZZ AWARDS were created by WORLDCOB with the intention of bolstering global business communities. This was accomplished by establishing a platform on which firms and investors could share data, experiences, and best practises. Additionally, this endeavour enabled benchmarking outcomes for the purpose of continuously improving the performance of businesses all over the world. The objective of the World Council of Business, which is comprised of thousands of members originating from 130 different nations, is to encourage the growth of business all around the world. It is intended to advance the standing and presence of top firms, broaden the scope of their worldwide operations, and contribute to the expansion and improvement of those organisations.

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