Dubai Taxi will expand the DTC school bus app to include 58 public schools and 20,000 kids

A division of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), has started to integrate 58 public schools with more than 20,000 pupils into its school bus application (DTC School Bus App).

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This action is a component of DTC's strategy to extend its services to public schools all around the emirate. Currently, about 800 routes offer transportation services using DTC's school buses.

The DTC School Bus app's services include student and parent registration so that they can follow the progress of buses as they travel to and from schools. The app notifies parents immediately when children arrive at school or home, as well as when there is an unforeseen traffic block. According to Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer, Director of Digitization and Commercial Development, DTC, "the app helps save time because parents may report a student's absence, enabling the bus driver to proceed on the route in an appropriate manner in the event of any impact on the bus travel.

"Dubai Taxi Corporation is eager to install cutting-edge technology on school buses, such as surveillance systems to make sure that no student is left behind on any vehicle and electronic bus and student trackers using onboard devices. The greatest safety and security standards are upheld by this strategy, according to Al Meer.

The app gives the bus driver the ability to communicate with the control centre and track the technical information about the bus, such as the distance travelled. Along with alerting the control centre to any emergencies, it also sends messages in the event of traffic jams, bus breakdowns, and adjustments to the schedule of students entering or disembarking the bus. These steps guarantee adherence to the highest safety and security requirements as well as to Dubai's surveillance systems.

In accordance with RTA guidelines that place a premium on student safety, DTC continuously offers specific training programmes for drivers to engage in safe and responsible driving.

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