How to check Absconding case in UAE 2023

Whether you are a worker in the UAE and have not reported to work for more than seven days without a valid excuse, your situation is known as absconding, As absconding occurs when a worker neglects to come to work for more than seven days without reason.

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Steps to check an absconding case in the UAE

1. Visit Police Station

In the beginning, confirm your case number with the police station, and then contact a lawyer if possible, If you have an active case, you need to submit an appeal or an objection if a judgement has been issued. Then you'll be able to change your status and eliminate your absconding.

2. Checking through Online Platform

  • Visit the Emirates Smart Services official website.
  • Sign in after selecting Individual Services.
  • Check the file's legitimacy by entering some of your personal information, such as your Emirates ID number.
  • You will then be able to see the status of your file.

3. If Absconding Case is not Accepted

The Ministry of Conditions will not accept Absconding Case in these conditions:

  • If the employee is on leave or vacation.
  • event of force majeure
  • The employee is unable to work for legitimate reasons.
  • If the employee hasn't gone missing, And the firm has filed a complaint for other reasons.
  • If the employer tries to file an absconding complaint against the employee in order to avoid paying the end of service gratuity and prevent the transfer of sponsorship to another company
  • In case of, the employee is suing the employer, and the employer has filed an absconding complaint.
Absconding case in UAE
Absconding case in UAE 2023

Steps to remove your name from Absconding case

  • The "Withdraw an Absconding Report" application must be completely filled out, printed, and signed.
  • The application should then be submitted to the Labour Relations Section, and a meeting with the Legal Researchers should be set up so that all sides can debate it.
  • Moreover, the UAE's current amnesty programme is open to anyone who has fled their work or sponsors. They must contact their embassy or consulate before going to the UAE Government Amnesty Centre to finalise the procedures required to return to their country of origin.

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