Important things to do before leaving the UAE

A number of steps must be taken before leaving the UAE in order to avoid any legal issues. These include terminating the lease agreement, closing bank accounts, and cancelling water and electricity subscriptions in addition to other necessary accounts and pledges. People are occasionally compelled to leave the UAE and return to their home country.

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The most important procedures before leaving the UAE:

We advise making a list of all the personal accounts you have signed up for during your stay in the UAE before you decide to leave so that you can cancel them more easily. To make the process simpler, the most crucial accounts are covered in this section. The accounts must all be closed before departing the UAE.

leaving the Emirates 1
leaving the Emirates 1

Cancellation of the lease in Dubai:

According to Dubai rental law, neither the tenant nor the lessor may terminate the lease agreement before to the end of the term without the other party's prior consent. Therefore, in order to terminate the lease or make the compensation specified in the lease, an agreement must be established. As part of the steps to be taken before departing the UAE, the following advice and factors should be taken into account when cancelling a rental agreement:

90 days before to the lease's expiration date, send the property owner a written notification stating your plan to depart the country.
According to the legislation, if the tenant wants to end the lease early, he must pay the rent for a certain number of months.
Get the owner to return the security deposit.
Some sums may be taken out of the security deposit if you make changes to the property.
After terminating the lease, ask the landlord for all checks.
Requesting the landlord to end my lease

Cancellation of the lease in Abu Dhabi:

Regarding how to end a lease agreement in Abu Dhabi before the end of its term, Article No. 20 of the rental law in Abu Dhabi states that unless one party notifies the other of his desire to leave the leased property or amend the terms of the contract, and the landlord must be notified of the tenant's non-intention to renew the contract two, the lease agreement is valid until the end of the specified period and renewed for another similar period.

leaving the Emirates 2
leaving the Emirates 2

Closing bank accounts:

You must close the bank account in order to disable accounts and personal files before leaving the UAE without incurring any repercussions. Banks in Dubai and other emirates close accounts using a standardised procedure that involves presenting your Emirates ID card or passport, all of the cards associated with your bank account, and anything else related to it. Before departing the UAE, take sure to close your bank accounts in accordance with the following advice and considerations:

Request a money transfer to another account or use an ATM to withdraw all monies from the account.
Some banks in Abu Dhabi and other emirates offer customers the option to request a money transfer when withdrawing all the funds from the account, requesting the Account Closure form, and filling out the fundamental information, including the account type and the justification for the closure.
If it's not possible to return the remaining checks and cards to the bank together with the debit cards, they will be deactivated as part of the account closure procedure.
You will be informed through email or text message when the process to close your bank account has been finished.

Cancel internet and phone connection:

Customers can easily quit receiving services from UAE telecom firms, namely Etisalat and Du, by visiting any of their branches and submitting a separation request or by contacting the business directly through its customer service centre. If you plan to visit a company branch, bring your Emirates ID card with you, or provide the customer service centre your card number.

Cancellation of water and electricity subscription:

You must successfully complete the steps for closing your accounts before leaving the UAE, including learning how to cancel your water and energy subscriptions in different parts of the nation.

Payment of traffic violations:

Each emirate has a dedicated organisation for settling traffic infractions, and the following information should be noted:

Dubai: Through the RTA website, you can learn more about offences there and make payments.
Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police is an authority on a range of traffic-related issues, including the settlement of traffic infractions.
Tickets for Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah can be purchased online from the UAE Ministry of Interior.
You can pay your traffic fines in Ras Al Khaimah by visiting the local government's website.
Sharjah: The federal vehicle portal, Salik portal, and Sharjah City Municipality are three options for enquiring about and paying Sharjah traffic tickets.

Selling the car:

If your automobile is financed by a bank, we advise that you look into how to sell a mortgaged car to the bank in Dubai. You can sell the car with ease through exhibitions or social networking sites.

Sale of home furniture:

You can sell your household furniture on social media networks or websites that buy used furniture in the United Arab Emirates, like the dubizzle platform, which makes it simple and convenient to sell anything you want.

leaving the Emirates 3
leaving the Emirates 3

Some measures to consider before leaving the UAE:

Check the passport's validity and see if a visa is required for the location. Cancel or stop a variety of memberships, such as those to a health club or gym.
Cancel all appointments, including those at the bank, the doctor's office, the lawyer's office, and government agencies.
Refund of the balance in the bank account Make sure you have enough money for your trip or exchange all available currencies
Make sure there are no restricted or harmful goods left in the suitcase by checking the weight and baggage allowance for the flight.
Return all rented or received keys, including those for your home, car, or mailbox.
Terminate any telephone-related technological services.
settling debt
Give your business partners in the UAE notice that you will be departing the country
ensuring that you terminate any insurance with UAE-based insurers
Make sure you have all the travel documentation you need.

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