United Arab Emirates: Up to Dh5,000 fine for owners of some vehicles

Owners of certain cars in the United Arab Emirates who fail to register their vehicles in the tracking system by the deadline of October 30 face a fine of up to Dh5,000.

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The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security urged UAE-registered truck owners to register in the Electronic National System for Tracking Trucks and Shipments before October 30, 2023.

The Authority's Director General, Major General Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, said that the National System for Tracking Trucks and Shipments is one of the latest customs projects that supports the country's customs security system, facilitates trade, and improves security and road safety by tracking trucks and shipments from the first port of entry to their final destination through e-tracking.

The Authority uses the National System for Tracking Trucks and Shipments to support customs control over truck and shipment movement, ensure their safe arrival at the scheduled time, and monitor violations and abuses, including:

Transit trucks.

Hazmat vehicles.

Limited material transport vehicles.

Trucks carry high-duty goods.

Al Khaili added that the Authority was keen to provide facilitations for the owners of means of transporting goods registered in the country by giving them a period to settle their conditions and register, but the period must end on October 30, 2023, or administrative financial fines will be applied in accordance with the regulations and decisions approved in this regard. The first month's fine is 1,000 dirhams, and each succeeding month is 100 dirhams, up to 5,000 dirhams.

Target groups will register in the system by submitting a registration application on https://register.entsts.ae and attaching the necessary documents (vehicle licence, company activity, truck plate number, etc.). After that, the applicant sets an appointment for a specialised company to install tracking devices on the truck, which enters the system and is subject to the country's tracking and monitoring system.

Transit trucks, hazardous materials trucks, restricted materials trucks, goods with high customs duties trucks, and other trucks determined by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security must register in the system.

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